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The 2022 Hauntington Breakfast

By: Kaitlyn Huynh

HMS students are excited for Huntington’s annual breakfast taking place on Saturday, October 22nd. The “Hauntington Breakfast” is said to include a breakfast of pancakes, fun games and attractions for everyone, special student musical and dance performances, and a candy trail for all students. HMS student Disney villain artwork will be showcased this year for the first time. This event is the largest PTA fundraiser of the year. “I am so excited for the breakfast. Villains are cool,” Michelle Yeung (7) said. HMS families can become patrons of the breakfast. These levels include various villains such as “Maleficent's Minions,” “Shan Yu’s Army,” “Ursula’s Underlings,” “Gaston Goons,” “Cruella’s Crew,” and “Hook’s Henchmen.” Prices range from $50-$1,000, “Maleficent's Minions” being the highest patron level, which come with 10 VIP tickets, 40 event tickets, wristbands for all kids, a personalized keepsake lantern, and more.

Students can earn prizes to use at the Hauntington Breakfast by asking friends and family members to buy tickets using the student’s name and grade. Prizes for this range from candy, ice cream, Disney Villain Funko Pops, Amazon gift cards, and more. Sell your tickets now at to get the top seller HMS prize of four tickets to Disneyland resort.

Here’s what more students say about the Hauntington Breakfast: “I’m excited for the Hauntington Breakfast and it’s probably going to be a lot of fun,” Sally Stranger (7) said.

“Definitely going. I’m excited and I hope I don’t die,” Sydney Swesey (7) said.

“I liked last year’s Hauntington Breakfast and I think this year’s will be just as fun. Hanging out with my friends is something I enjoy about these events,” Kacy Ip (7) said. HMS students are looking forward to the Hauntington Breakfast and new villain theme.

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