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San Marino Motor Classics gives a burst of colors to the Town

By Travis Aguirre

The San marino annual car show or “San marino Motor classic” is an annual event for all car lovers alike, of any age. Do you like classics, supercars, or other types of cars? Then the San marino Motor classics event is right for you. At this event you will see cars of different models, makes, and ages. Some cars from the 80’s,90’s,and even more modern cars. Whether you're a kid, a teen, or an adult you will most likely find a few cars that you are fascinated in. Sunday august, 28, 2022 marked the eleventh annual San Marino Motor Classics event and over 600 proud patrons attended at the amazing park we all know, Lacy Park. "San Marino's Best in show was a 1967 Ferrari 330 GTS," David Lee said.

"The people's choice was 1921 Ford model T boat-tail speedster," John Echart said.

Between 400-600 “Mint condition” cars were at this event.

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