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Extreme Heat Wave Sweeps San Marino

By Kaiel Crump

This heat wave will be one for the books. The National Weather service expects an excessive heat wave to come to San Marino. San Marino schools are already taking extra precaution as outdoor activities would be limited and students will be lessened.. Even on the field when playing with your friends, it is good to stay cool, find shade and avoid vigorous play. Drink like a camel and have water frequently. Although we are not at the beach, wearing a hat and sunscreen is still highly recommended during these times.

Here are some useful tips to avoid heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Always stay hydrated and don’t just drink water when you’re thirsty. Avoid fluids that contain caffeine or large amounts of sugar. Also wear light colored and light weight clothing. Taking breaks and exercising in the cooler hours of the day helps prevent sickness. Some signs of heat exhaustion and heat strokes include heat exhaustion, heat syncope, heat rash, and heat cramps. Dehydration might include fatigue, headaches, muscle cramps, and increased thirst. Stay hydrated, play safe, and don’t get too hot

Schools are making sure that during these times we are always cool. During lunch 6th graders stayed in the cafeteria, while the 7th and 8th graders seeked cool air in the gym or as Mr. Stopford calls it, “that big building over there.” The school field is completely empty during these hot times. During P.E., activities will be limited and students will be kept shaded or indoors as much as possible. Intramural and varsity sports outdoor activities will be limited. Leaving a person or pet in a parked car is bad as it will get more heated than ever. Stay extremely hydrated and don’t wear clothing that will get you hot. Know the signs of a heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Stay cool and Stay safe as the high temperatures are more rare than ever.

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