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The Return of Huntington’s “Hauntington Breakfast”

By: Ashley Kwok - November 9, 2021

One of Huntington Middle School’s biggest annual events, the “Hauntington Breakfast,” left both the students and their families wanting more. The event occurred on Oct. 23, from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. and it didn’t disappoint. Co-chairs Stefanie Killackey and Nancy Ko made sure that this year’s “Hauntington Breakfast” was one to remember. Mr. Topalian (principal) described the event as “outstanding” adding “There was good food and prizes…” Instead of the usual volunteers flipping pancakes, this year’s “Hauntington Breakfast” had only the best. Chano’s Mexican Restaurant, Baby’s Bad*** Burgers, Jones Coffee Roasters, Supamu and the Boba Truck provided the students and their families with beverages, breakfast and brunch fare. Along with the varieties of food, talent show performances, rides, attractions, and a multitude of activities kept all attendees entertained. Ten game booths, (including Mini Basketball, Ring Toss, Flip a Chick, and Dip Bowling),Jacob’s Ladder, the rock climbing wall, Water Wars and a giant slide were just some of the several rides and attractions. Over and above the food and entertainment, the “Hauntington Breakfast” also arranged two raffles, the Lottery Raffle, and the Sorting Hat Raffle. The Hauntington Breakfast managed to deliver an astounding, memorable experience.

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