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Squid Game

Squid Game the most popular K-Drama in 2021 (in my opinion) describes the main character, Gi-hun trying to win a series of six children's games with a deadly twist. Him and 455 other players are competing to survive and obtain the prize money if you survive all games.

One day, Gi-hun goes to the bank to withdraw money to gamble on horse racing. At first, he was about to give up when he decided to give it one more chance. Thinking he wasn’t going to win, he wins the prize money. He is very ecstatic. As he leaves the building, loan sharks chase him down. He then gets cornered in the bathroom. The loan sharks shout at him asking for money that he owes to them. He reaches into his pocket and searches for his money. Gi-hun quickly realizes that he doesn’t have the money in his suit jacket. The loan sharks give him a choice of either losing his eye or signing a contract where the loan sharks can use his body for whatever they want. He chooses the contract. Exhausted, Gi-hun then goes to the subway station to go home. He misses the train. Waiting for the train, a man asks him if he wanted to play Ddakji for some money. After playing with the man, the man tells him that he has an opportunity to earn more money. He takes up the offer and is then kidnapped and is taken to where the games are taking place… Viewers are then left on a cliffhanger on what happens next.

I highly recommend this to anyone that isn’t squeamish. Apart from being a brutal show, the story itself is about survival, tearing apart friendships, and greed. This show is on Netflix and is still available to watch. There are 9 episodes in season 1 and season 2 is coming out on Netflix soon.

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