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Out of the Playoffs!

After recently losing to the Braves baseball team in the NLCS, the Dodgers were harshly eliminated from the 2021 playoffs. Dodgers fans were biting nails during the last few innings of most of the games during the series. Braves fans were a little too cocky starting out the playoffs, but the Dodgers can argue that top players including Max Muncy, and Clayton Kershaw were out injured, starting late season into the postseason leading to their loss. Dodger fan says, “ I was hoping and praying during the late game, but in some forms, I knew that the Dodgers did not have a chance considering that their leading hitter, Max Muncy was off the team, hurt.”

Let's get back to the beginning of the season to introduce some background about the dodgers and braves. The Dodgers started off the season strong, along with the braves. Unfortunately, months down the line, the Brave’s top player, Ronald Acuña Jr. was out of the season due to a heartbreaking injury. Braves fans lost hope, but some remained to cheer them on. The Braves struggled for a short period of time after the injury, and some team vibes and communication was lost. The season continued, and then the Dodgers began suffering through their own problems. Deep into the season now the Dodgers top, and stat leading hitter, Max Muncy suffered an elbow injury. “The noise … I hear my elbow popping … I did dislocate my elbow on the play, and it popped back in when I was rolling on the ground,” Muncy said. “They said there is some other damage in there. We’re going to know more in the next few days about that,” Max Muncy said during the day of his injury. The elbow became a serious threat when Claton Kershaw also suffered from an elbow injury on the mound, drawing the team back from their season goals.

Dodger fans lost hope, but they still finished the season strong with 106 wins and 56 loses, ahead of the Braves who finished with 88 wins, and 73 losses. Though the Dodgers did end with a better overall record, they struggled in the playoffs, and the Braves came home with a world series win.


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