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Halloween Dance

Charlie Shiggins


Wow what a blast! The first all grade dance was definitely one to remember. With music blaring at all times playing the catchiest songs. Not to mention all the creative and spooky costumes being worn by our HMS Foxes. It had everything needed for a fun night. Including snacks, costumes, shaved ice, and of course music. If you're not the biggest fan of dancing, no worries! Take some fun photos in your halloween costumes with your best friends.

Choose to hang out right next to the DJ booth for the full eardrum popping experience. Or hang out farther away and boogie with a lighter sound of music. No matter what you chose, it’s a guaranteed fun time. Not only were there insanely powerful speakers, there were smoke machines displaying all kinds of cool colors adding to the spookiness of the night. The choice of using the courtyard rather than inside of the cafeteria was great. The display of the pitch black night sky along with the beaming bright moon really was like something you’d see in a horror movie. Adding to the experience perfectly.

In this writer’s experience, I preferred standing next to the DJ booth. Everytime the beat of a song dropped, everyone around me just started going crazy and jumping in the air. Along with feeling the beat inside me pounding and making me vibrate. However, I did spend a lot of time farther away from the DJ booth just to make sure my ears didn’t spontaneously combust.

The DJ really shined throughout the whole dance. He played the songs that he knew would get kids the most hyped and excited. He also timed the transitions between the songs perfectly so that the beats would overlap. But of course, the dance couldn't be complete without a Rick-Roll.

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