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The end of the Football Season

Parker Wilson

The Huntington Middle School football season has just ended and it was a fantastic season. The team consisted of 7 seventh graders (Riley Fong, Zachary Fong, Chase Mena, William O'Connor, Grant Walker, Marcus Wang, and Parker Wilson) and 6 eighth graders (Jeremiah Flores, Turner Dawes, Lucian Gil, Jimmy Heimerl, Christian Wing, And Qikang Yang). The HMS Foxes finished with 6 wins and 0 losses and outscored opponents 128-12. Although this sounds very good the Foxes had a rough start losing a scrimmage game to Chandler Middle School 12-23. But they bounced back in the first season game, winning 8-0. The defense excelled in this game as the team had a total of 5 interceptions and a pick-six. 1 by Grant Walker, 1 by Zachary Fong, and 4 by Parker Wilson. In the next four games, the Foxes dominated, allowing 0 touchdowns and dominating on offense. The Foxes were getting prepared for their upcoming game against South Pasadena Middle school. They knew this was going to be the toughest game of the season and they had to win this game to be league champions. It started off rough as the opposing team scored on the first play of the game. But the foxes started to come back as Turner Dawes sacked the QB for safety. The defense excelled with many sacks and Parker Wilson had two interceptions and Zachary Fong had one interception. In the second Half, Chase Mena had a 40-yard touchdown pass thrown by Will O'Connor. The score was now 10-6 and the foxes' defense came through and held South Pasadena. The offensive MVP awards were given to Will O'Connor who was the quarterback who threw many touchdown passes and Chase Mena one of the wide receivers that had many catches and touchdown passes. The Defensive MVPs were given to Jeremiah Flores who had many sacks and Parker Wilson who finished with 8 interceptions.

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