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Girls Volleyball Recap

By Sydney Park

Covid-19 meant a year of no school which included school sports. During the fall, the girls volleyball teams had their season. Everyone lost a year of playing but nevertheless this season, the girls teams, both Varsity and Junior Varsity (JV), were able to come back with high spirits and ready to play. The girls were able to sharpen their skills throughout the season and enjoyed their satisfactory wins.

The Varsity girls volleyball team closed out their season undefeated! The girls were able to beat Chandler, Santa Fe, Oak Avenue, La Canada, First Avenue, and Rio Hondo only losing one set in total. As the season progressed, the girls got better and better and their team chemistry developed leaving them as the champions for their league. The team was made up of Akemi Fu, Audrey Hoffman, Caroline Wang, Daniela Levy, Lila Giardina, Jenna Estandarte, Kathryn Suh, Lauren De Los Santos, Maddy Tang, Makenna Bear, and Sydney Park. These eleven girls worked and played really hard to get to where they got and it paid off. They were able to connect as a team and form new friendships and bonds. Akemi Fu was asked if she thought the team improved throughout the season and her response was, “I feel that our team definitely improved in skills and chemistry. We were all close to begin with but I think being on a volleyball team together brought us closer. We all definitely improved in one thing and it was a fun season overall.”

JV almost ended their season with almost all wins but unfortunately lost to Rio Hondo in the third set. The girls played a total of four games against Chandler, Oak Avenue, La Canada, and Rio Hondo. Just like Varsity, the JV girls were able to improve their skills individually during the season while also getting better all together as a team. The JV roster included Cadence Chen, Cynthia Kackstetter, Devina Pathak, Ella Karr, Evie Chang, Giuliana Reitzell, Hali Glasse, Jenna Wang, Kylie Lei, Lucy Wendling, Madeleine Lee, and Sabrina Garcia.

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