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California Governor Easily Wins Recall, yet the Battle might not be Over

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Ethan Chow

On September 14th, 2021, the citizens of California had a difficult decision. Would they be willing to risk their fate as Californians to recall their governor, Gavin Newsom, for former talk show host Larry Elder? The citizens of California voted for “No,” with a whopping 61% of the voters. The plan for the recall initially started when Governor Gavin Newsom went out to an exclusive dinner with several others, violating his own orders on social distancing. Eventually, the incident led to such a large uproar that it led to the recall. However, the recall was unsuccessful as Newsom won by 22%.“Let’s be gracious in defeat,” Larry Elder said. Elder was Newsom’s main competition in the election. However, the fact that there was a recall still remains, and it worries several Californians about our state’s future. “This is going to be the second election in a row where there are going to be aggressive, emotional charges of voter fraud.” Mindy Romero, director of the Center of Inclusive Democracy at the University of Southern California said. Romero predicts that the reaction of Republicans to the results of the recall will not be peaceful. Instead, there might be several riots, similar to the ones at the white house on January 6th, 2021. Larry Elder promised to remove minimum wage and mask mandates if he won. Without minimum wage, there would be several people in California that would lose money, due to the fact that they would not be paid enough. And as for the mask mandates, it is believed that the coronavirus will make a larger appearance in society, despite the fact that vaccinations are available. Newsom may have won the recall, but this does not mean that his reputation has been cleared. Many people still believe that Newsom is a hypocrite, because of his actions at the restaurant.

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